Apartment /Mixed Use / Multifamily Loans

National Commercial Property Loans: provides a wide variety of financing options for multifamily (5 or more units) and Apartments.

Non-Recourse (no personal liability)

loans available

FHA Programs: ($4 MM minimum loan amount)

***Comparison - FHA and Fannie Mae Multifamily Loan Programs (LINK)


Conventional Commercial Loans:

A.  $500,000 to $150,000,000
B.  Non-Recourse loans available

      No personal liability or persoanl tax returns required

C.  Purchase
         i.   Up to 80% LTV

                   iii.   Up to 30 year fixed rate

D.  Refinance
         i.    New Rate and Term
         ii.   Cash Out

         iii.  Rehab

    • Up to 65% ARV (after repair value)

         iv.  Buy out existing partners

          v.  Up to 30 years fixed rates

E.  Construction
         i.    New construction

                   ii.    Up to 80% LTCost

                  iii.    12-24 Months Interest only

                  iiii.   Rehab
                  v.     One (1) time close loans available
                       1.  Construction to Permanent

F.  Bridge loans
                 i.    Gap funding between purchase or construction and stabalization

                ii.    Purchase existing discounted properties and close in 30 days or less

               iii.     Up to 65% LTV

G. Hard Money Loans

    • Purchase Existing Properties
      • Up to 65% LTV
        • Purchase and rehab
        • Up to 65% ARV (after repair value)
        • Non Performing Properties
      • Up to 3 years
      • Closings in as little as 2 weeks

Fannie Mae Loans:

      i.  Non Recourse available (no personal liabilty)

      ii. Supplemental Equity Loans available after 12 month 

    • Equity cash out refinance with 2nd lien 1st lien unchanged

     iii.  Up to 80% LTV

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
    • Rate and term
    • Cash out     
    National Commercial Property Loans provides several direct, highly competitive commercial real estate loan products for qualified properties with commercial mortgages up to $50 million plus.

Documents and Application:

  1. **Document Check List: Multifamily
  2. Multifamily Loan Request Form (Word)
  3. Multifamily Loan Application (PDF)
  4. Information Requested for Preliminary Loan Analysis Apt New Construction (Word)
  5. New Multifamily Construction Screening Questionaire 2 (Word)
  6. MultiFamily Rent Roll (Excel)        Rent_Roll_Multi-Family (Word)
  7. Commercial or SBA Commercial Loan Application NCPL (Excel)

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