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Apartment loans /Mixed Use / Multifamily Loans

 Purchase / Refinance / Rehab  / New Construction / Portfolio Loans

National Commercial Property Loans: provides a wide variety of financing options for multifamily (5 or more units) and Apartments.

Non-Recourse (no personal liability) loans available
Apartment new construction loans

Fannie Mae Loans:

• Non Recourse available (no personal liability)
• Supplemental Equity Loans available after 12 month
    o Equity cash out refinance with 2nd lien 1st lien unchanged
• Up to 80% LTV
    o Purchase
    o Refinance
    o Minimum loan amount $750,000

National Commercial Property Loans provides several direct, highly competitive commercial real estate loan products for qualified properties with commercial mortgages up to $50 million plus.

FHA (HUD) Programs: ($4 MM minimum loan amount)

• Purchase and new construction up to 85% LTV ;
• New Construction 85% LTCost;
• Rehabilitation 85% LTV;
• Refinance 85% LTV
• 35-40 year fixed rate
• Non Recourse - No personal liability

Conventional Commercial Loans:

A. $500,000 to $150,000,000
B. Non-Recourse loans available
    o No personal liability or personal tax returns required
C. Purchase
    o Up to 80% LTV
        • Up to 30 year fixed rate
D. Refinance
    o New Rate and Term
    o Cash Out
    o Rehab
        • Up to 80% ARV (after repair value)
    o Buy out existing partners
    o Up to 30 years fixed rates
E. Apartment Construction Loans
    o New construction
    o Up to 80% LTCost
    o 12-24 Months Interest only
    o Rehab
    o One (1) time close loans available
        • Construction to Permanent
F. Bridge loans
    o Gap funding between purchase or construction and stabilization
    o Purchase existing discounted properties and close in 30 days or less
    o Up to 65% LTV
G. Hard Money Loans
    o Purchase Existing Properties
    o Up to 65% LTV
    o Purchase and rehab
    o Up to 65% ARV (after repair value)
    o Non Performing Properties
    o Up to 3 years
    o Closings in as little as 2 weeks


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