Construction loans and rehab Loans

Construction loans 

Loans from $1 MM to $50,000,000

National Commercial Property Loans has the experience you need for Construction Loans and Rehab loan funding. 

Appropriate properties include:

• Apartments / Multi-Family
• Senior Living and SLF Facilities
• Hotel / motels (Branded or Independent)
Other property types:
• Gas Stations / Retail (strip mall and separated) / Offices
• Industrial / Restaurants / Self Storage
• Development projects from $5 MM and higher

Construction Loan Programs:

1. Conventional
    a. Up to 80% LTCost
    b. Recourse Only
    c. Up to 30 year amortization
2. SBA (Owner Occupied only)
    a. SBA 7a ($5MM maximum)
    b. SBA 504 ($15 MM maximum loan)
    c. Up to 90% LTCost
    d. Up to 25 year amortization
3. USDA (Rural Areas only)
    a. Investment or Owner Occupied properties
    b. Up to 90% LTCost
    c. Up to 25 year amortization
4. Hard Money
    a. Fast closings
    b. Asset Based
    c. Up to 65% LTV
    d. Short term
    e. High interest rates and Fees
5. Bridge Loans
    a. Short term rehab loans
    b. 12-24 months
    c. To stabilize non- performing properties
    d. Lower rates and fees than Hard money
6. FHA (HUD)
    a. Apartments, Senior and Assisted Living, Hospitals and Nursing Homes
    b. 83% LTCost
    c. “Non-Recourse” no personal Liability
    d. Up to 40 years fixed rate!!
    e. Low interest rates

* (All Construction Loans are interest only until completion of construction and stabilization of the property)
**(Construction loans may include: Land Purchase, hard and soft costs, interest reserves for loan payments during construction)

Bridge loan Financing

Bridge mortgages are used for the light rehabilitation and/or stabilization of a commercial investment or owner-occupied properties. Cash flows are underwritten to pro forma numbers. Generally short term 12-36 months; lower interest rates than hard money. Generally recourse loans.

After stabilization of property; a new  long term "take out"  loan will be secured to pay off bridge loans and will provide lower rates and multi year amortization. 

Hard Money Loans/ Distressed Property loans

A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property; no financials or credit scores required, previous bankruptcies not an issue;. Hard money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies, expect higher interest rates from 9-15% plus points, LTV’s normally 50-65%, short term 6 months to 24 months, short closing times 2 weeks to 30 days. Used when normal loans are not available and time is if the essence to save a property from foreclosure or when a Fast quick closing is required. Great for Distressed property loans; where normal sources are not available, normally properties with great potential upside.

Construction and Rehab Hard Money loans are available for non-performing proprieties to bring them to stabilization and a new "take out" loan for long term financing.    

Land loans :Purchase / Development

Purchase vacant land to hold or resale. Generally loans with 50% LTV and high rates.

Development of raw land.

Land purchase can be included in your new Construction or Development Loan  


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