Financing loan Programs

1. SBA

a. Owner Occupied Only
b. Up to 90% LTV
c. 7a and 504 Programs

2. USDA 

a. Rural Properties
b. Owner Occupied or Non Owner Occupied
c. Up to 90% LTV

3. Conventional

a. Full Document Loans
b. Non-Recourse Available
c. Up to 80% LTV

4. Fannie Mae

a. Up to 80% LTV
b. Multifamily / Apartments
c. Assisted Living / Sr Living

5. Freddie Mac

a. Multifamily /Apartments
b. Up to 80% LTV

6. FHA (HUD)

a. Up to 85% LTV
b. Up to 40 year Fixed rates
c. Multi Family, Assisted and Sr Living, Hospitals

7. New Construction

a. Up to 80% LTCost
b. Apartments, Assisted and Senior Living, Gas Stations / C Stores, Hotels/Motels, Self Storage, Most types of Commercial Properties

8. Hard Money

a. Distressed properties
b. Fast Closings
c. Raw Land, buildings

9. Bridge Loans

a. Up to 80% LTV or LTCost
b. Generally 1-3 years
c. Rehab Loans, Lower cost that Hard Money

10. Portfolio Loans

a. Multiple properties of the same type
b. $5,000,000 + Loan Amounts
c. Apartments, Gas Stations, Hotel/Motels, Self-Storage, Assisted / Sr Living Facilities

• Conventional
SBA 7a
SBA 504
• Stated Income Loan Programs
• Corporate Business Lending
• 1031 Exchange
• Cash Out Refinance Lending
• Commercial Business Loans
Hard Money Lending
• Commercial Construction and Development Lending
* Apartment New Construction *

Gas Station Loans
• Land Acquisition and Development Lending
• Renovations and Construction Lending
• Private Funding Programs for Joint Ventures
• Green Energy Lending
• Foreign National Lending Programs
• Distressed Property Commercial Lending
Commercial Bridge Lending
• Land Development Loans
Office Building Loans
• Portfolio multi property loans
• Specialty properties


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