Loan Purposes

land Purchase

Land purchase can be included in  your new Construction or Development  Loan

Construction loans 

Loans from $1 MM to $50,000,000

National Commercial Property Loans has the experience you need for Construction Loans and Rehab loan funding. 

Appropriate properties include:

• Apartments / Multi-Family
• Senior Living and SLF Facilities
• Hotel / motels (Branded or Independent)
Other property types:
• Gas Stations / Retail (strip mall and separated) / Offices
• Industrial / Restaurants / Self Storage
• Development projects from $5 MM and higher

Construction Loan Programs:

1. Conventional
    a. Up to 80% LTCost
    b. Recourse Only
    c. Up to 30 year amortization
2. SBA (Owner Occupied only)
    a. SBA 7a ($5MM maximum)
    b. SBA 504 ($15 MM maximum loan)
    c. Up to 90% LTCost
    d. Up to 25 year amortization
3. USDA (Rural Areas only)
    a. Investment or Owner Occupied properties
    b. Up to 90% LTCost
    c. Up to 25 year amortization
4. Hard Money
    a. Fast closings
    b. Asset Based
    c. Up to 65% LTV
    d. Short term
    e. High interest rates and Fees
5. Bridge Loans
    a. Short term rehab loans
    b. 12-24 months
    c. To stabilize non- performing properties
    d. Lower rates and fees than Hard money
6. FHA (HUD)
    a. Apartments, Senior and Assisted Living, Hospitals and Nursing Homes
    b. 83% LTCost
    c. “Non-Recourse” no personal Liability
    d. Up to 40 years fixed rate!!
    e. Low interest rates

* (All Construction Loans are interest only until completion of construction and stabilization of the property)
**(Construction loans may include: Land Purchase, hard and soft costs, interest reserves for loan payments during construction)

Refinance Loans- Commercial Properties

National Commercial Property Loans provide refinance money for all types of commercial properties. Refinance qualification is based on the Net Operating Income (NOI) of the commercial property.

Rate and Term Refinance:

Allows borrower to obtain new interest rate and terms of loan to better meet his current needs.

"Cash out" Refinance:

Allows borrower to take out equity from existing property.

We provide business acquisition loans and commercial refinancing loans to expand or improve your existing business. We also provide loans to refinance existing debt.

Stated and Full Documentation loans are available.

Bridge loan Financing

Bridge mortgages are used for the light rehabilitation and/or stabilization of a commercial investment or owner-occupied properties. Cash flows are underwritten to pro forma numbers. Generally short term 12-36 months; lower interest rates than hard money. Generally recourse loans.

After stabilization of property; a new  long term "take out"  loan will be secured to pay off bridge loans and will provide lower rates and multi year amortization. 

Hard Money Loans/ Distressed Property loans

A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property; no financials or credit scores required, previous bankruptcies not an issue;. Hard money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies, expect higher interest rates from 9-15% plus points, LTV’s normally 50-65%, short term 6 months to 24 months, short closing times 2 weeks to 30 days. Used when normal loans are not available and time is if the essence to save a property from foreclosure or when a Fast quick closing is required. Great for Distressed property loans; where normal sources are not available, normally properties with great potential upside.

Construction and Rehab Hard Money loans are available for non-performing proprieties to bring them to stabilization and a new "take out" loan for long term financing.    

Land loans :Purchase / Development

Purchase vacant land to hold or resale. Generally loans with 50% LTV and high rates.

Development of raw land.

Land purchase can be included in your new Construction or Development Loan  

Portfolio Loans

Loans for existing multiple properties under one umbrella loan. Usually very good interest rates and LTV’s based on EBIDA numbers. Property types: Gas Stations; Multifamily; Assisted Living; Self Storage Facilities or other types of commercial properties.


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