commercial property Re-finance Loans

Finance Loan Programs for Commercial Properties


Loan Programs Available ($500,000 - $25,000,000)

Contact National Commercial Property Loans for Details on Programs and property types.

Refinance Loans for Existing Commercial Mortgages from National Commercial Property Loans including:

1 Apartments-Multi- family / Mixed Use

2. Senior Living / Assisted Living Facilities

3. Hospitals

4. Self-Storage Facilities

5. Land for Development

6. Shopping Centers / Retail Strip Centers

7. Industrial Buildings,

8. Pubs

9. Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast

10. Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets

11. Leisure Industry Properties

12.Office Buildings

13. Parking Garages

14. Car Washes

15. Resorts

16. General Industrial Properties (including warehouses and factory units)

17. Office Accommodation or Buildings

18. Retail Units

19.. Gas Stations

20. Other Commercial Properties Contact us to discuss your project


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